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SHAP officials

Paul Hopkins


Lecturer in Education, University of Hull
Independent Consultant and Author

Brian Gates
Emeritus Professor of Religion, Ethics & Education, 
University of Cumbria

Peter Woodward
Chair Calendar Committee

Independent Consultant and Author
The Shap Working Party

Full membership

Membership is by invitation only
Malcolm Deboo
President of ZTFE  (Zoroastrian Trust Funds Europe)
Wendy Dossett
Lecturer in Relgions, University of Chester
Brian Gates

Emeritus Professor of Religion, Ethics & Education, 
University of Cumbria

Angela Gluck Wood
Author and Consultant Insted Consultancy
Mary Hayward
Author and Researcher
Warwick University
Robert Jackson

Professor of Religious Education
University of Warwick

Ursula King
Department of Theology & RS
University of Bristol
Anne Krisman
Head of Religious Studies
Little Heath Special School, Redhill, London
Clive Lawton
Author and Consultant
Farley Marsh
St Mary's Catholic Primary School, South Street, Isleworth
Peggy Morgan

Lecturer in the study of Religions, Mansfield College

Lesley Prior
Advisory Teacher for RE Hounslow
Lecturer in RE London Roehampton University: Froebel College
Gill Rose

Retired Primary school Headteacher

David Rose
Retired - Freelance photgrapher
Peter Schreiner
Comenius Institute: Protestant Centre for Research and Development in Education; Moderator of the Coordinating Group for Religion in Education in Europe [CoGREE]

Jasjit Singh

Lecturer in Religion
University of Birmingham
Elisabeth Wayne
Head of RE department
Soar Valley Secondary School, Leicester
Deborah Weston
Retired Secondary School Teacher
Tower Hamlets, London


Ashley Beck
Inter-Faith network

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