Weblinks for the 2009/2010 journal
A round-up of resources to complement articles in the e-journal, suggested by members of the Shap Working Party and compiled in August 2009, when all the links worked.
News and comment on food and food preparation
‘Each of us should help save the planet by changing our diet’ (The Independent, 30th June 2009) An edited extract from a talk given by Nitin Mehta ,the founder of the Indian Vegetarian Society, at the Jain Centre, Manchester.
‘Meat Free Monday: What its supporters say’ (The Independent, 15th June 2009) Paul McCartney and other celebrities support' meat-freedays' to tackle climate change.
‘End 'cruel' religious slaughter, say scientists’ (The Independent ,22nd June 2009) ’Religious slaughter techniques practised by Jews and Muslims are cruel and should be ended, says a scientific assessment from the Government's animal welfare advisers.’
Film and DVD
Food Inc – a film about the US food industry. “… filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation's food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that has been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of our government's regulatory agencies, USDA and FDA. Our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment...”
Articles and Reports
Fighting food shortages (ChristianAid, 2008) Downloadable pdf food crisisr eport: ‘shows how the policies of western governments are a prime underlying cause of the food crisis that threatens hunger for millions of people.’
‘Dialogue on the Menu’,a presentation on interfaith and food, made by Stella Opoku-Owusu, Project Officer at The InterFaith Network for the UK, to the IFN(UK) national meeting in July 2008, ‘ Face to Face’ and ‘Heart to Heart’ People of Faith in Dialogue. The presentation is on page31 of the meeting report.
Resources for Schools
Vegetarians and Vegans (Issues, Independence Educational Publishers,2008) ‘This book looks at vegetarian and vegan diets and explores their connection to animal welfare issues. The information comes from a variety of sources, including government reports and statistics, newspapers and magazine articles, surveys and polls, academic research and literature from charities and lobby groups; articles have been tailored to an 11 to 14 age group. Additionally, at the end of each chapter are two pages of activities relating to the articles and issues raised in that chapter.’
Mridula Baljekar - Great Indian Feasts (JohnBlake, 2005). Describes the feats and associated foods from various communities in India.
Lionel Blue and June Rose eds. A Taste of Heaven (DLT,1977). Members of various communities talk about the place of food. Used copies available from Amazon.
J Bowker ed. The Oxford Dictionary of World Religions (OUP,1997) includes a full and good entry article o nFood and Religion
Diana Carey and Judy Large: Festivals, Family and Food (Hawthorne Press, 1983) A resource book of stories, activities, recipes and festival information: 1998 paperback
K C Chang ed. Food in Chinese Culture (Yale University Press, 1977)
ed. David Grumett and Rachel Muers: Eating and Believing (T&TClark,2008) Interdisciplinary perspectives on Vegetarianism and Theology, “a collaborative volume on the concept of modern vegetarianism and the relationships between people's beliefs and food practices. What are the links between people's beliefs and the foods they choose to eat?”
Martin Jones Feast: Why Humans Share Food (OUP2008)
David C Kraemer: Jewish Eating and Identity Through the Ages (Routledge Advances in Sociology) (Paperback) íThis book explores the history of Jewish eating and identity, from the Bible to the present. It pays attention to Jewish eating laws (halakha) in each time and place, but also looks at Jews who eat like Romans or Christians regardless of the law.
Eleanor Nesbitt: Intercultural Education: Ethnographic and Religious Approaches (Brighton: Sussex Academic, 2004) includes a chapter on 'Young Hindus and Vegetarianism' (pp21-34).
Venetia B: An Egg at Easter (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1991)
ed Michael Schut: Food and Faith (Living The Good News Incorporated, 2002)
Kimberley Snow: In Buddha's Kitchen (Shambala, 2003) A funny and honest account of being head cook in a Tibetan Buddhist retreat centre.
Raymond Tallis: Hunger (Art of Living) (Acumen Publishing, 2008) ‘Raymond Tallis explores our fascinating, mysterious and multi-layered hungers… And when all other hungers have been met, what then? Tallis shows how the hunger for meaning and significance, which goes far beyond the cycles of appetite and satiety, desire and its extinction, still remains.’