Audio Glossary: N

North Indian poet (12701350) who was part of the Sant tradition antecedent to Sikhism; some of his abhangas (hymns) are found in the Guru Granth Sahib.
A group within Sikhism having belief in a living human Guru.
Nam Japna
In Sikhism, meditation technique of repeating the divine name.
National Secular Society
A British pressure group for 'unbelievers and freethinkers', It was founded in 1866 by Charles Bradlaugh, later a radical liberal MP. The Society works for a wide range of social reforms.
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A Hindu festival of nine nights preceding Dasahra.
ner tamid
'eternal light', the lamp which hangs in every synagogue in front of the Aron Kodesh (Holy Ark).
Nicene Creed
An official statement of Christian belief, settled at the Council of Nicea in 325 CE, used in eucharist services of many denominations.
A group within Sikhism having belief in a living human Guru.
Nirvana / Nibbana
Nirvana in Hinduism is union with the Supreme Being (Brahman) through moksha (release from the cycle of birth/death/rebirth). Nibbana (or Nirvana) in Buddhism is an indescribable state found through the extinction of greed, hatred and delusion and is held by Buddhists to be the ultimate goal of existence.
Nishan Sahib
The flag which flies above a Gurdwara.
Noahide code
Seven mitzvot which Jews regard as the basic moral code all people should live by, thus applicable to the 'sons of Noah'. They prohibit idolatry, blasphemy, murder, theft, adultery and incest and cruelty to animalsand require proper respect for courts and a system of law.
Noble Eightfold Path
In Buddhism, the path by which human beings can reach enlightenment. As taught by Gautama Buddha, this path consists in 1) right understanding 2) right aspiration or purpose 3) right speech 4) right bodily action 5) right means of livelihood 6) right endeavour 7) right mindfulness and 8) right concentration.
A term coined by Rudolph Otto (from Latin numen 'the power of a deity') to describe the quality of the experience of that which we perceive to be 'holy'.
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