Audio Glossary: E

Christian festival celebrating Jesus's resurrection from the dead.
Ecumenical Movement
Within Christianity, different denominations coming together in pursuit of mutual understanding and unity.
'Religious festival of sacrifice' or the great feast which occurs during the month of pilgrimage. It is the most important festival in the Islamic calendar, and is traditionally associated with Ibrahim's intended sacrifice of his son Ismail.
'Religious festival of breaking the fast,' the feast to celebrate the breaking of the fast at the end of Ramadan; the second most important festival in the Islamic calendar.
A designation of any denomination ruled by bishops, but normally used of the Anglican church.
The chief sacrament and central act of worship in most Christian traditions (also called Holy Communion, the Lord's Supper, the Liturgy and Mass) this involves the re-enactment of Jesus's last meal with his disciples, and including the sharing of bread and wine.
A word deriving from the Greek work for Gospel, or 'good news', and which refers to the injunction upon Christians to preach and spread the Gospel.
Second book of the Bible and the story told therein of the escape to freedom from slavery in Egypt of the Israelite people.