Journal index for 2009/2010
Support materials on Food, Faith and Community for primary schools - KS 1 - KS 2 (coming soon)
Food, Faith and Community    
Editorial: Lynne Broadbent, Alan Brown, Mary Hayward and Marilyn Mason  
Soul Food and Sin-Eating: Folklore, Faith and Funerals Erica Brown  
‘If we were to ever open a restaurant this would help us to have a good business!’ Elizabeth Wayne  
Exercising moderation: the Bahá'í teachings Carol Khorsandyon  
‘Let my food, O my Lord, be Thy beauty, and my drink the light of Thy presence, and my hope Thy pleasure…’ [The Bahá’i Faith on food] Debbie Tibbey  
Food and Spiritual Reflection: The Daoist Example David E. Cooper  
Food for Thought: a Pilgrimage through the Anglican Eucharist Alan Brown  
‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’: Food in Orthodox Christianity Elizabeth Theokritoff  
Fasting and Feasting in the Roman Catholic Community John Hammond  
Fasting in Hinduism Manisha Sharma & Natu Patel  
‘What do humanists eat?’ Marilyn Mason  
The Muslims and ‘British Curry’ Amjad Hussain  
A Ramadhaan Journal Rozina Rajwadkar  
Fasting, fairness, friendship, fun and feeling fine: the roles of food in Islam Luzita Ball  
God-related, family-connected and animal-conscious: food in the Jewish tradition Clive A. Lawton  
When is a ‘seder’ a Seder? Peter Woodward  
Food and Faith in the Pagan Community Rob Martin  
Food, Faith and the Zoroastrian Community Pat Stevens  
Other useful links and books    
Living Difference: The Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton AS. John Hammond  
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