Journal index for 2004-2005

Shaping the future

Editorial, Alan Brown and Mary Hayward
Spirituality for now and the future Ursula King p.10
How does the Theravada Buddhist tradition adapt to change? Sarah Shaw p.13
Christian futures Linda Woodhead p.16
Changing traditions, unchanging Tradition: Some thoughts on Orthodox Christianity Angelika Baxter and Gillian Crow p.20
Shaping the future: an Anglican perspective Graham James p.22
A fog of uncertainty — a humanist peers into the future Marilyn Mason p.25
‘Shaping the future’: the way in which Islam responds to a rapidly changing world Fatma Amer p.27
The need to adapt but not to adopt: a study in Shi’a Islam Clive Erricker p.30
Shaping the future: a Jewish perspective Clive A. Lawton p.33
Shaping the future: a Sikh perspective Indarjit Singh p.36
Doing and studying religion in cyberspace Gwilym Beckerlegge p.38
Caring for dying patients in a multicultural society Shirley Firth p.42
The legacy of memories: working with bereaved families at a children’s hospice Erica Brown p.45
Shaping the future: visions in religion ... visions for religious education Lynne Broadbent p.49
Text, belief and personal identity: creating a dialogue Mary Searle-Chatterjee p.51
Signalling Transcendence: beyond the National Framework for RE Brian Gates p.54
Reviews   p.59
Editors’ notes for The Shap Calendar of Religious Festivals 2004/2005 Jabal Buaben, Cherry Gould, Eleanor Nesbitt, David Rose, Peter Woodward p.79
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