Journal index for 2001-2002

Living Community

Editorial: Mary Hayward and Alan Brown
Obituary for Ninian Smart W Owen Cole p.ix
Appreciations of Ninian Smart Geoffrey Parrinder p.x
A reminisance of Ninian Smart John Rankin p.xi
Remembering Ninian Smart Ursula King p.xi
Religion and Community Keith Ward p.15
The Jewish Community, Past, Present and Future Jonathan Sacks p.17
Jewish Community Jonathan Gorsky p.21
The Ummah, the Hajj and Globalisation Sean McLoughlin p.25
Living Community: the Buddhist Order Richard Gombrich p.28
Modern Chinese Communities Anne McCarron p.31
I am Because We Are: Community in Africa Clement Katulushi p.33
The Islamic Internet Souq Gary K. Bunt p.37
A Humanist Community Marilyn Mason p.40
Living Communities: New Age Ann Henderson p.43
Converting from One Faith to Another Jonathan Romain p.45
Joining a Religious Community Deirdre Burke p.48
Recollections of Community and Changing Community in India Prank Whaling p.50
Multi-Ethnic Britain — a Community of Communities and Citizens Robin Richardson p.53
Making a Community of a School Julian Stern p.56
Guru Nanak Eleanor Nesbitt and Gopinder Kaur p.60
Community in the Sikh Religion W Owen Cole p.65
Hijab in a Cold Climate Clive Erricker p.64
The Christian Community: The Parish in the Church of England Michael & Janina Ainsworth p.71
Discovering Living Communities David Sutton-Jones p.75
Reflections on Community from a classroom grounded in a community of communities Elizabeth Wayne and Year 8 students at Soar Valley Community College p.78
Exploring Community Maggie Everett p.81
The Yin and Yang of RE and Special Needs Anne Krisman p.83
Living Community — Enhancing the Quality of Experience in Children’s Hospices Erica Brown p.85
From Visions to Realities: A Multi-Faith School Jonathan Wittenberg p.89
A Tale of Two Cities, Stockholm—Warsaw: A youth dialogue Navah Harlow p.91
Reviews   p.97
Editors’ Notes for the Shap Calendar 2001/2002 Cherry Gould, David Rose, Peter Woodward p.113
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